What is it like to live with a house rabbit?

house-rabbitWe all are familiar with the feeling of wanting to own a cute and cuddly rabbit. People who don’t have the experience of living with a rabbit often consult rabbit owners to tell them about how it is to live with them. Perhaps you are thinking about getting a rabbit or you have already taken the plunge and brought it home. Either way, enlisted below are some facts about living with a house rabbit that are based on the experiences of rabbit owners over the years and some tips as well to make your time with your pet easy and memorable.

1.     Train him

train house bunnyIt is important to train your rabbit first before you let him loose in your house for the safety of your pet as well as the protection of your belongings. Start off by training your rabbit in his cage. Put a litter box and once you see him using it, give your pet some freedom and let him out of his cage. Put another litter box around your house so that he uses it when he is not in his cage.

2.     Bunny-proof your house

Bunny-proof your houseIt is a common norm for bunnies to chew on things. To keep him from chewing and swallowing something which is harmful for him, you need to bunny-proof your place. Give your bunny enough things to play with so that he is never tempted to chew on the furniture, cords, etc.

3.     Rabbits around other pets

rabbit and petIf you have other pets in your house then you need to well-train them in order for them to get along with your bunny. Just as well-mannered dogs aren’t harmful towards cats, cats if trained properly are good to bunnies as well. However, before fully trusting your other pets around bunnies you need to keep them under your supervision for some time.

4.     In case of a pair of bunnies be cautious

Unless you want your house to be filled with a ton of rabbits, you need to be cautious if you have two bunnies (one of each gender). Bunnies have a lot of babies and if you want to avoid having the responsibility of too many bunnies, then keep the male bunny away from the female bunny especially if you hear him growling because when a male bunny makes grunting sounds it usually means that he wants to mate with the female bunny.

5.     Give them their space

castle-bunny-spaceBunnies need their space and they tend not to like the intrusion of outsiders. You will get your rabbit pretty mad if you invade his personal space. You may also hear grunting sounds telling you to back off.

6.     Bunnies are protective of themselves

Bunnies are protective of themselvesBunnies are prey animals, which is why, they usually feel endangered. So any sort of alarming situations can make them feel threatened. Rabbits take a lot of time to get relaxed in a particular environment so give your pet the time that he needs.