The body language of dog – how to interpret it?

The body language of dogA good dog owner must know what a particular action of his pet means. You may not understand his signs initially, but with time you will get used to them and they will become clearer to you. Being able to understand what your dog wants at a particular time or what he means by a specific sign will help you better understand his needs. If you have just got yourself a dog, then we have enlisted some tips on how you can easily understand the body language of your canine companion.

1.     Be more attentive towards your dog

We humans can understand the body language of each other without much difficulty but we don’t have the same level of understanding for the body language of our dogs. By paying more attention to your dog’s behavior you’ll be able to understand him.

2.     Tail

When a dog frequently wages his tail it means that he is relaxed but he is excited to get a command from you. It also means that he is eagerly waiting for something to happen like for you to take him out on a walk.

However, if the tail of your dog is lowered and he isn’t moving it too frequently, then it means that he’s confused about what you said.

When your dog keeps his tail lowered but waging it indicates that he is listening to your command and he respects your orders.

A dog is alert when his tail is a little below vertical and still.

Whereas, when a dog’s tail is parallel to the ground it indicates that he has accepted your challenge.

If your dog has tucked his tail between his legs, it means that he is in pain or he is terrified.

3.     Stance

When your dog is leaning forward it means that he is not backing down.

However, if he is rolled over it means that he’s accepting you as his boss.

If your dog raises his leg, then it indicates confusion on his part.

When your dog places his paw on your knee then know that he needs attention from you.

4.     Eyes

Wide eyes indicate an alert dog.

If a dog is staring into space he wants you to know that he is a strong dog who won’t follow orders easily.

When your dog doesn’t look at you he’s probably mad at you.

If a dog looks at you with narrow eyes then you should know he might want to hurt you. However you shouldn’t run away from him because this way he’d want to come after you even more.

5.     Ears

When the ears of a dog are straight up it shows curiosity on their part.

If his ears are pulled back horizontally against his head then that depicts a fearful dog.

6.     Mouth

When the lips of a dog are curled and the teeth exposed it means that they are quite angry about something.

However, when a dog is yawning it means that he’s tired and wants to relax.