The body language of dog – how to interpret it?

The body language of dogA good dog owner must know what a particular action of his pet means. You may not understand his signs initially, but with time you will get used to them and they will become clearer to you. Being able to understand what your dog wants at a particular time or what he means by a specific sign will help you better understand his needs. If you have just got yourself a dog, then we have enlisted some tips on how you can easily understand the body language of your canine companion. Continue reading

What is it like to live with a house rabbit?

house-rabbitWe all are familiar with the feeling of wanting to own a cute and cuddly rabbit. People who don’t have the experience of living with a rabbit often consult rabbit owners to tell them about how it is to live with them. Perhaps you are thinking about getting a rabbit or you have already taken the plunge and brought it home. Either way, enlisted below are some facts about living with a house rabbit that are based on the experiences of rabbit owners over the years and some tips as well to make your time with your pet easy and memorable. Continue reading

How to Understand and Solve Dog Behavior Problems?

How to Understand and Solve Dog Behavior ProblemsDogs are the most wonderful and loyal pets to have around your house. Even when your dog isn’t behaving, it is hard to stay mad at him for too long because of his ‘puppy dog face’. You may think of ignoring behavioral problems that your dog has and expect him to get better with time but let’s face it; miracles like that happen very rarely. If you don’t deal with the behavior problems of your dog, then you’ll have a pet whose behavior is far from ideal. So follow the tips below to understand and solve behavior problems of your canine companions. Continue reading